Our products are mainly homogeneous and compete with other local suppliers in three main vital areas, namely; lower prices, speedier response time and honest ethical dealings with our clientele. Hence, we have through this strategy conquered over 15 markets in Asia covering South East Asia up to date. We have made our mark as a reputed and leading Spice Export Company in Sri Lanka, chiefly due to our ability and adherence to supplying high quality pure Sri Lankan Spices under strict hygienic conditions to many discerning customers worldwide.

We are proud to contribute our might by taking many wet and dry Zone non-traditional agro products to the international market, and our confident that our efforts will have a positive impact in the rural markets by improving the economic conditions and quality of life among the rural poor of our country.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used in perfumery, as digestive tonics, in cooking, and for trading. Due to the distillation process, essential have a superior aroma. We produce cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf, lemon grass, and citronella oil.
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Diamond Lanka specializes in bulk buying direct from farming communities on a socio-economic benefit scheme to farmers. Our spices includes tamarind, cloves, nutmeg, mace and black pepper.
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The seeds exported by us are: black & white sesame seeds, soya beans (mainly for oil extraction), & maize (for animal feed).
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Coir Products

Coir Brushes are available for a range of purposes. High quality Coir Bristle Fibre / Wax or Oil type can be supplied. Coco peat, a 100% natural and renewable growing medium is available for green houses, farms, landscaping & seed germination.
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Coconut Products

Sri Lanka is an island rich in coconut plantations, which has paved the way for us to establish an industry based on this valuable nut. Coconut and Coconut based products could be categorized into kernel, and fibre- based products.
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Natural Fruits

Fresh pineapple and papaya are collected directly from farmers to ensure its natural quality and freshness.
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Preserved Fruits

Fresh fruit is sourced from farmers direct or through local farmer markets. We purchase in bulk, and preserve them. Savour the goodness of these fruits, long after the harvest is over.
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